Earth Observation

Aerial views, allow us to discover many things that can change the place we live in for the better.

The processing of satellite images acquired by Synthetic Aperture Radar – SAR represents unique know-how gained over the last 20 years.


INNOVAMBIENTE® is a project designed to maximise efficiency in the urban waste collection cycle.

This cloud solution integrates various technologies (e.g. GPS, RFID, Barcode) that is mostly aimed at environmental service providers but also municipalities and associations, and allows management and monitoring of the entire collection process in particular in contexts that aim to implement a points-pricing system.


Innova is a reality where for years now ideas and projects have been created, improving the work and quality of life for thousands of people. The union of skills, professional figures and experience, and the continuous search for innovative technologies and solutions, have placed a spotlight on a reality that has exported its expertise from Matera to the whole of Italy, and recently throughout Europe.